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Group Order for Custom Mouth Guards

The club is facilitating a group order of custom mouth guards from Gladiator for those interested.  This is highly recommended but completely optional.   We only need 10 to qualify for the group discount.  All registered club members are eligible - siblings (male or female) that may need mouth guards for other sports are eligible to participate as well.  These guards can be made for athletes who wear braces.

Base Cost
(per athlete)
Product Info
(Pro model only)
Action Required Deadline to
Next Step
First guard           $45
Each add'l            $25
S&H                      $ 3 

Total cost:
1 guard with no options:    $48
2 guards with no options:  $73
Click here to
open brochure

Click here to go
to their
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open order form

Make checks to
"Sport Guard Inc." 
Order forms & checks
are due by
Thur, 10-Nov.

Take impressions
during Sunday practice:

Sun, 20-Nov

These custom mouth guards are professionally made by a lab based on a model of the athlete's teeth.  The custom fit should make the mouth guard more comfortable so that they keep it in their mouth where it belongs.  The better fit should also promote better breathing and better communication.  The materials used are higher density and more durable compared to off the shelf "boil and bite" mouth guards.  Player identification is built into the mouth guard and a case is provided at no additional cost.  Players can optionally choose to add the club logo at no additional cost.  

The basic mouth guard is available for $48 (with shipping) via the group discount.  While that may seem expensive, consider that some players are already on their 2nd $20+ off the shelf mouth guard.  Odds are they will wear out or lose a few more by the end of the season - mainly because they don't keep them in their mouth.  Additional Gladiator guards can be ordered for $25 each (plus shipping) for as long as the athlete's model is good.  According to Gladiator: if the athlete is over 14 and out of braces, the model is typically good indefinitely.  If the player is in braces, the useful life of their model depends on how drastically their teeth are going to move.  A new impression and model should be made after the player is out of braces.

The same guard from Gladiator would cost $78 if bought individually from their website.  So via the group buy you can actually get 2 for $5 less than the price of 1 of the same design bought direct as an individual.  A similar guard from your dentist would cost 2-4 times as much as the group price for one.  Custom logo, no logo and braces options which all cost extra if bought direct are free via the group purchase.

  • Thursday, 10 November: Deadline by which all order forms and checks must be turned in.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Friday, 11 November: group order submitted
  • Week of 14-Nov (hopefully): get impression made (timing assumes impression kits received)
    • Sun, 20-Nov, 4-5:30 (during optional practice)
By participating in this group buy you commit to attending one of these events.  If we don't get your impression at one of these sessions your order may be cancelled in order to not to delay the group order.
  • Early - Mid December: Mouth guards delivered and distributed

- Who has used these before?  
Coach Grady Byram and his daughter Samantha Hicks have personal experience with these mouth guards and are glad to answer any questions you may have.  Feel free to call (281-543-8550) or   him with questions.

- I'm getting my braces off in a couple of months, should I wait?  Yes, to ensure you get the most out of your mouth guard investment, you should probably wait.  We can do another group buy anytime we have at least 10 players or you can just spend a little extra and just buy direct when you are ready.

- I want to pay by credit card but don't want to write it on paper are there any other options for paying by credit card?  No, not as part of the discounted group purchase.

I want to buy 2 but I want each in a different color ... how do I do that?  Complete 1 separate order form for each and staple them together.

- I want a pink one with purple polka dots and, according to their website, they can do it ... why can't I order one of those though the group order?  keeping options simple is what makes the group discount possible.